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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It is our pleasure to extend to an invitation to participate in the






28 - 29 September, 2020


On-line Conference!


           The Conference in the intention of the Organizers is to enable the exchange of the scientific achievements and create a framework for interesting discussion. We would like to integrate the researchers and specialists around the contemporary problems of the use and application of the meteorology and climatology in engineering, shaping and environmental protection.

            The conference topics will include broad research in the field of meteorology and applied climatology, ecology, environmental protection and air protection, ecological and economic results of the present-day climate change and adaptation strategies. We will also discuss about biometeorology, climate-related aspects of tourism, climate and microclimate of protected areas, the usage of the GIS systems and the alternative, meteorological energy sources as well as other issues which are among the current interests, and achievements of the conference participants.

            Conference intends to be a forum for researchers, students and PhD students, engineers as well as representatives of companies, producers and distributors of specialized equipment and software, to present and discuss recent research results and new techniques in the field of meteorology and air protection.

            Due to the current pandemic situation regarding the COVID-19 disease (caused by the spread of the Sars-CoV-2 virus) and the current regulations, in order to protect the lives and health of participants, we decided to organize the Conference at the Digital Platform, with the ON-LINE only participation. All participants will keep all the possibilities of interactive contribution such as ask questions, participation in interactive sessions prepared according to the traditional style (oral and poster sessions), or even the opportunity to talk to representatives of companies.

            I deeply believe that the on-line form of our Conference will meet with your understanding and we will be able to meet at the Digital Conference Platform at the end of September. I am sure that we will effectively discuss many interesting  and important topics in the field of meteorology and applied climatology, but also ecology and environmental protection.



With kind regards, on behalf of the Organizing Commite

dr hab. inż. Agnieszka Ziernicka-Wojtaszek, prof. UR

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